Sunday, August 4, 2013

More Inchies & Other Beads

Saturday was the Highland Street Art Fest 2013. Local artist spend the day drawing wonderful art on the streets surrounding the town square. Here are the winners

First Place.

Second Place

Best in Show

First Place Amateur (This one was done by my next door neighbor)

The rest are some of my favorites

I always like the big flowers

This one is fun

Love this bear

Lot of work went into this one

Another beautiful flower

Cute puppy

We live very close to the square  and can watch all the activities from our front porch.  The Street Art is   one of my favorite events.

Several of the local artists sell there wares.  Each year I look forward to adding to my collection of gourd art from Buffalo Tracts artist Lynne Slack. This year was no exception, I purchased several pieces. I will take photos and show them to you next time I blog.

Okay.... here are my latest "Inchies"

Peachie colored flowers on a purple background... and matching designer beads.

Close up of the beads.

I made hexagon beads to go with these. I call this design "Stormy Sea"

Close up of the layered and textured  Inchies.

More layers and textures in shades of purple and green.

Satin folds adorn these Inchies.

This is just a doodad pendant I made with a thin sheet of folded clay. I added half a  swirlie bead at the top.

Another colorful doodad pendant.

I also finished three necklaces.  Added chain to my "young love" pendant.

 and also put a chain on one of my mixed media Pod pendants

I spend 10 or 15 minutes looking for the third necklace.  I was wandering around the house muttering under my breath completely baffled as to how I could lose something I just had in my hands when I happened to glance in the hall mirror..... yep, there it was.... on my neck.  I put it on to check the length.

Have you ever tried to take a photo of yourself  with the "Photo Booth" on your computer..... reminds me of the old fashioned photo booth photos at fairs when I was a girl.  I took several, they were all bad.    This one peeking over my reading glasses was the best ....  looks like I have a stiff neck.

Some time ago I bought many spools of colored beading wire from a company that was going out of business.... I decided to try one of the colors on a simple bead necklace, it is the one I'm wearing.... here is a closer look.

And I also made a few beads from my cane stash.

I like to use square canes to make round beads, These beads are pictured with the cane I used....

 and so are these...

And I finished a pendant that I've been working on for some time.  I continued the swirl in the top bead on the background of the bottom piece as well as the touches of amber wire.

That's it for now.  I'm off to play with beads and wire.  See you soon!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Has it really been a year since the last Street Art Fair, BJ? Dangit, where did a whole year go LOL. Love to see your posts pop up, you always have SOOO much to share!