Sunday, July 28, 2013

Polymer Clay Mini Art Tiles ......

..... better known as Inchies.

We have been having such pleasant weather I couldn't decide if I should work in the yard or stay inside and play with clay.... the mosquitos helped me solve that problem.  I did do a little weeding and I have to water my flowers but I don't stay out for long, my arms are covered in bites,  the mosquitos seem to be particularly vicious this year.  You should have seen my poor black cats ears, they are covered in bites and he has scratched them bloody. I got medicine from the vet, kept him inside for several days and they are better now..... although he doesn't appreciate the salve on his ears (I bribe him with treats) and he doesn't like staying inside all the time.

I am taking part in an Inchie swap and once I finished the ones for the swap I was having so much fun I just kept going.  Here are the ones I've made so far.  I have plans to use them in many different projects which I will share with you when they are done.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Set of 3 in purple and green.

I used PearlEx to give the gathers and folds a satin shimmer.

Shades of purple and orange with layers and textures.

Mostly purple, I used some of my canes to make these.

Closer look at the top 3 above. These have a modern art theme.

I used one of my extruded border cane on these. The top two also include stained glass window canes.

I textured the background with sandpaper and then decorated with a border cane and stripes of metallic green clay. I highlighted the strips with PearlEx.

Layered and textured little houses with a PearlEx shine.

Layers and textures mostly in shades of blue.

Layers and textures in reds and greens.  Highlighted with PearlEx metallic powders.

I like the darker colors on these.

I think these are my favorites, I like the design and colors on the background and the whimsy of the textured strips.

I ordered some bezel blanks so I can make pendants with some of the little tiles. I have one of Lisa Pavelka's bezel settings so I popped one of the tiles in to see how it looks.

I also got out my stash of Texture samples to see how the tiles would look on them.  This  texture was made with a Jacquard ribbon.

Same texture sample with a different tile.

More texture samples with complimentary tiles.

I can also use the tiles on journal covers, boxes, and all sorts of things. Or I can use them with beads to make jewelry.  I can use them with wire too.... or maybe I will sell sets in my Etsy shop.  I just like making them.

That's it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those are gorgeous, boy you have been busy. I really like the longer ones. You are right, those will make great journal covers.

    1. Thanks Bonnie, they are fun to make, I have more on my work table. And I have several ideas swirling around in my head on how to use them..... better write them down before they swirl right out....

  2. There is no end to your creativity, BJ... these are awesome!

    1. Thank you Monique, that is very kind of you. I'm kinda on an inchie binge.

  3. They are beautiful!!!! I love the colors and awesome designs you have created.

  4. I am entranced. Those inchies are gorgeous. Love the colors, love the designs and the textures.
    We definitely need more ways to showcase these lovelies!