Sunday, July 14, 2013

Polymer Clay Beads

So far it has been a busy summer, I've had difficulty finding time to clay. I have made a few beads in between gardening and other chores.

These beads are all from my scrap bin. I was attempting to make "bead guts" and instead kept coming up with colors I like, to good for guts.  First I made the  sage green I used on these half and half beads then I grabbed a handful of scraps and after kneading and twisting I ran it thought the pasta machine to finish the conditioning and it started producing these pretty stripes..... so they became the other half of the half and half beads instead of the guts.  I did finally manage a muddy brown suitable for guts but it wasn't easy..... a lot of the time I even like the browns.

I used canes to make these.

This was a square kaleidoscope cane in purple, white and sage green.

I had a tiny piece of a purple striped cane that I used to made these.

Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Pendants and beads made in silver and green.

Close up of MG Heart with coin beads

Back of heart pendant and beads.

The other pendant and round beads.

Assorted beads in blue and green

The larger oval bead has a textured design from a vintage button and I added little turtles on the side of the long beads.

The striped beads are from a striped cane

and the textured heart coin beads  have the same designs on both sides, one side has more silver

and the other side has more blue.

A couple flower pendants that have been sitting on my work table for months.... I finally stuck them in the oven. The top one is made from a flower petal cane and the other I cut ovals and textured the veins with my stylus.  I also added a touch of PearlEx to give them more shine. 

This is just an assortment of doodads. a stamped butterfly, a couple bug critters and a steampunk heart.

And here is a couple chunky twisted beads, I will add wire to these and make pendants.

And last is a couple pair of charms for earrings that I made with yet more scraps.

I signed up for another swap, I now have to get busy making 24 inchies. Took me  time to decide what I wanted to do. I think I will make zentangle inchies. 

That's it for this week.  I always look forward to your questions and comments. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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