Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Aunt Betty

I wasn't able to post on my blog last week.  My dear sweet Aunt Betty was critically ill and we made a quick trip to Kansas to see her before she passed.  We arrived tuesday evening, she had just been brought home from the hospital and was under the care of Hospice, It was a blessing to have time  with her, she knew who I was and I'm pretty sure she was pleased to know I was there.  She was surrounded by her loving family and went to meet her Maker the next morning.  I  know she was joyfully met by the love of her life, her handsome husband Gene.

Aunt Betty was a special person in my life.  She was my Mom's younger sister.  My Dad died in WWII. I was just a toddler and my brother was born 6 months after he died. My mom was devastated and Betty came to live with us. She was a great help to Mom and I bonded with Betty like a baby goose bonds with what ever it sees first. I followed her everywhere, I adored her and felt safe when she was near. That feeling has lasted throughout my life.....   We haven't seen each other often for many years but we always kept in touch by letter, phone and lately by email.  She was 82 years old and the computer gave her fits.... but she gave it the old college try.  Her daughter, Gina, tells me there are many emails meant for me that accidentally ended up in her draft box.

I know that she is in a better place but I miss her.

I love this picture of me.... about age 4.... and my beautiful Aunt Betty


  1. BJ, sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. My grandmother raised me and when I grew up, my husband and I lived with her for 25 years. That picture of the two of you is great. You are both beautiful and it's obvious there was a bond there.
    Hope you have a happy Mother's Day. I don't have kids but I have Buster and that's just perfect. LOL

  2. Thank you Bonnie. My brother and I spent much of our childhood with our grandparents too. I am sure there is a special place in heaven for Grandmas.

  3. What a sweet sweet photo! I love it and I'm so sorry for your loss of Aunt Betty. I wish I could hug you. Love, Jackie

    1. Thank you my friend. I wish you could too.