Friday, January 25, 2013

Dora's Polymer Clay Cane "Behold"

My muse is on vacation.  I want to clay but I can't come up with an original idea.  Every time I go back to clay I end up cleaning drawers and rearranging.... which most likely means I won't be able to find anything... I am my very own Easter bunny.... I  put things away, can't remember where I put them... so I just pretend I'm hunting Easter eggs... may as well enjoy this "second childhood" ....right?

Okay, in order to clay I decided to try another tutorial that I have stored on my Pinterest  "tutes" board.  This time it is one by Dora Arsenault.  She has lots of good cane tutorials on her blog, this one she named   "Behold" cane

After spending 10 minutes trying to decide on colors... I told you my muse was MIA..  I finally said "to hell with it" and  used the same colors as Dora.

Here is the canes I made.... click on the link above for the tute.

I like the "9 square"... here's a close-up.  If you want a closer look just click on the photos.

I used it to make beads.

Close up of a bead.  I like using square canes to make round beads.

That's it for the clay but I did get out my wire and complete a couple more necklaces.

I like this pendant, it went together really well and looks good on.  I used amber wire to fit the pieces together and then strung it on a green waxed cotton cord.

I like how this one turned out too.  I added wire and beads to the center of the pendant then made matching links  to finish the necklace.

Close up of the embellishment on the pendant.

That's it... tine for nap.... or maybe a snack.... probably both.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I especially love the first wired piece! That cane is interesting and the beads are really pretty. I don't do much with canes but think I might try something soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Marian, that is my favorite too.

      Dora has lots of very good cane tutes on her blog, her directions are easy to follow with lots of photos. If my muse doesn't show up soon I may try another one .

  2. Your wire work is always so fantastic, I really love that first one, very cool design! The cane you created from Dora's tutorial is really neat looking. Hope your MIA muse shows up soon! :)

    1. Thank you Trina.... my muse better show up soon... it's almost time for the annual TAD on PCC... yikes!!

  3. Yep, those muses are fickle creatures.... However, apparently not ALL of your muses are absent - your finished pendants are gorgeous. Admittedly, the color way is my favorite, so I'm drawn to them, but your assembly is fascinating. I am enchanted with the multiple things going on with the first pendant - the texture, the cut and curl of the layers, the wire work, etc, etc. And the second lovely too, and then has that most interesting wired and beaded necklace finding. Yes indeedy, VERY nice. Maybe that muse will call the other one back to play....

  4. Thank you Debbie, I very much appreciate all those kind words! Fortunately my clay muse has returned... and just in time too... I needed to get something made for the Facebook texture swap and the annual Thing a Day on Polymer Clay Central.