Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd Half 2012 Gift Wrapping Contest

Okay lets see if I can get this done today.  Heather, Amanda, Sarah and Lily are all here for a "craft day" , they are down in the basement making "things".  They were going to do it at Amanda's house but Amanda said "let's go to Grandma's, she has more stuff."

Back to the gift wrapping. Where did I leave off?.... oh yeah,  Eugene is up next.  He drew Nick"s name.  Nicholas has started collecting  old record albums,  Eugene got him several and wrapped them in a  antique Victrola style package. Pretty clever don't you think?

For a closer look click on the photos.

Nick has problems wrapping his gift for Roger.  He knew what he wanted to do but couldn't get it to work..... finally it came together.  Roger is a Batman fan so Nick wrapped his gift as a Bat signal reflector thingy.... there is a light inside and it  makes a Batman shadow image on the ceiling or wall.  When were kids. back in the olden days,  we use to use a flash light and our hands to make shadow puppets on the wall.... same principle.

Roger and Heather  made a joint gift for Benjamin and Andrea, a wine bottle chandelier .... I will show you how it was wrapped later... Which brings us to Andrea.... her gift was for Cory.   Cory is a soccer fan and also plays soccer.... so his gift has a soccer theme

Cory made a game of his wrapping for Eric.  Eric likes beer and movies and games..... in order to drink a beer he had to guess the actor and the movie..... he was good at the game, by the time he went back to Portland he managed to consume all the beer.

Heather loves all the Cartoon Christmas Specials... her favorites are anything Charlie Brown... Benjamin wrapped her gift in a Snoopy dog house with Snoopy napping on the roof.

Lily immediately confiscated Snoopy, Heather was left with the dog house.  Look at that dirty little face, she was eating cake I think.  I'm guessing poor Snoopy now has a dirty face too.

Eric put a lot of work into wrapping Brandon's gift as a Tardis from Dr Who.....  I've never understood the appeal of Dr Who,  I apparently don't grasp the plot, just seems stupid to me. ( Don't tell Dr Who fans I said that)  Brad and Brandon are both fans. Years ago I knit Brad a Dr Who scarf which he took to college with him and then lost by the side of the road when he was changing a flat tire.  I am now knitting another one and looks like I will have to knit one for Brandon too.    Eric did a good job on the tardis.

Brandon was another last minute guy... Heather and I were beside ourselves worrying he wouldn't get his done but the boy came through. He knew all along what he wanted to do, took him about an hour and I must admit I was impressed.  He went with a Harry Potter books theme for Sarah's gift.

Side view.... each book is filled with art supplies. Sarah was thrilled with the gift and the wrapping.

Drum roll please.....  This years winner in a land slide was our talented daughter Heather.   I mentioned earlier  she and Roger made a joint gift for Benjamin and Andrea.  Roger made a gorgeous wine bottle chandelier... pictured here.  That sucker is really heavy!

and Heather used a Grinch theme to wrap it up...... hey, it just occurred to me by having a joint gift that sneaky Roger managed to wriggled out of wrapping a gift..... and somehow managed to get a vote anyway.  I'm keeping an eye on him next year.

Heather used air dry clay to fashion the face, felt for the hat and shirt and tissue paper for his hands.

We forgot to take a photo of the presentation of the Santa trophy being passed from last years winner, Patty, to the new reigning "best wrapper" Heather.

So that brings to an end another fun Christmas for our family.  We are blessed with great children,  delightful grand children and wonderful in laws... all are warm hearted caring people who enjoy being together.  We are already looking forward to.... and making plans for, 2013.

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  1. What a great family and wonderful memories!

    1. Thank you Anita. I enjoy sharing the photos of our gift wrapping with all my online friends.

  2. Fantastic, what an incredibly fun project to do every year!