Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polymer Clay Quilt Block Cane & Border Canes

Recovering from surgery is taking longer than I thought, I am feeling better, still nap a lot but at least I am able to clay a bit too.

 I used a quilt pattern to make a Quilt Block Cane. Click on the photos for a closer look.

First I made the one on the left, reduced it and made the one on the right.  I wish the lines were a little cleaner but it turned out fairly well.

In order to get the right consistency for the extruder I combined 1/2 Kato clay and 1/2 Premo clay.

I used the scraps to make the small cane and a pendant.

I used the square disk and the isosceles triangle disk to make the quilt cane. I had lots of left over extruded triangles so I used them to make border canes. All three of the border canes were made using the triangle logs.

Red and Silver Gray  Border Cane close up.

Blue and Yellow Border Cane close up.

Green and Silver Gray Border Cane close up.

The green & gray cane looks like leaves to me so I added little flowers and made a pendant.  The pendant hasn't been cured or sanded so it's a little rough. I will take more photos when it's finished.

Thats all my claying so far. I have plans for more "quilt block canes".  It takes me forever to condition the clay and mix the colors, thank goodness I have a motor on my pasta machine!

Last Saturday was the annual "Highland Art on the Square"  Local artists use colored chalk to create amazing painting on the streets around the square.  There is also local artist selling their wares and food vendors with food, my favorite is a guy who makes the best pulled pork and home made barbecue sauce, his cherry chipotle sauce is to die for!

In the past it has always been a 2 day event, this year it was just saturday.  The dedicated artists worked in over 100 degree temperatures. Here are a few of my favorite chalk paintings.

I love the colors in this one.... would make a pretty cane.

This was the only one with a political theme..... features President Obama and Governor Romney duking it out.

The artists were still working on this one. Look at the details, amazing!

Plenty of sun for this pretty sunflower painting!

                                        This artist really gets into her work!

                                         Here is the finished painting.

                                         Wonderful detail on this tiger eyes painting.

                                        More artists at work, that pavement has to be hot!

                                        The little stuffed toy was the model for this painting.

                           This is my favorite... done by our next door neighbor and her daughter.

These folks were getting help from their little doggie.... not sure that is allowed!  If you look up in the right hand corner you can see our house peeking out (the 2 story brick house)... it's a good location, we can see all the fun on the square from out front porch.

This was just a few of the paintings, there were over 40!  We have had an extremely hot summer so I was surprised so many artist showed up.  Not many vendors set up this year, only a hand full. My favorite gourd artist wasn't there which was a disappointment,  I saved my birthday money to add a few of  her pieces to my collection. Guess I will have to wait until next year.

Thats it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those were beautiful, Beej. Thank you for sharing them with us. MK

    1. You're welcome MK, glad you like them. Beej

  2. Nice cane work...especially love those border canes!! Those chalk paintings are awesome!! Thanks for sharing! 8)

    1. Thank you Lupe, the border canes are fun to make. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The border canes are to die for. You made a masterpiece using a simple technique familiar to all clayers. I can't say how I admire this.

    1. Thank you Kristina, your comments made my day!

  4. I love all these canes, as always, B.J., quilt canes being among my faves, but what caught my eye in particular was your mention that you "combined 1/2 Kato clay and 1/2 Premo clay". That blows my mind! While I greatly prefer Kato for most applications, I agree there are times when Premo could be a better choice. What about baking temp... high, low, somewhere in between? I hope you don't mind: I linked to this post on my blog because this topic ties in with comments I had already made. (Just don't expect an onslaught of traffic as a result LOL. My blog has only been up since the end of July!) If you object, I'll be happy to remove the link. Oh, and I loved those sidewalk paintings. Some are just stunning! How I would love to have a porch like yours right in the center of it all... Did you take these photos yourself, and does that mean you are up and about?

  5. Thank you Monique, I'm also a fan of quilt canes, there are so many beautiful patterns.

    I frequently combine different brands of clay, the two I use together most often is Premo and Kato.... Premo and the new Kato are sometime to soft to cane with so I add a bit of Pardo Art Clay, Premo alone is to soft for most of the items I want to make. especially canes but I do love their colors ... I cure the combinations at 275.

    No problem, you are welcome to link to my blog any time. I checked your bog and enjoyed it very much. I "joined" your site and look forward to reading future articles.

    I am up and around a bit but still nap a lot... my daughter took the photos, it was so hot that day I couldn't stay out very long.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Wow your canes are absolutely amazing!!. You are quite talented with canework.
    And those huge drawings on the ground, beautiful

    1. Thank you Leah. Now all I have to do is decide how I want to use the canes.

      I so admire the sidewalk artists who make the chalk drawings, I melt when I'm out in that heat for 30 minutes and they spend hours sitting on the pavement. Why the organizers pick August for the street art is a mystery to me... seems like the fall would be a much better time.

  7. Busy, busy with the canes, Beej, I'm glad you're getting back into it. The artwork on the square is so neat, I'm glad you get to see it.


  8. Thank Jax, it took me all week but it was fun to be claying again.