Thursday, September 15, 2011

Polymer Clay Beads from Canes

First I wanted to tell you all that Michaels is having a big sale.  Clay is 99 cents and almost everything else is 50% off... well maybe not "almost everything" but goo gobs of things are 50% off. I of course had to buy clay although I already have enough clay to build a small house... I did manage to limit myself to white and black and cad. yellow... and maybe a few packs of  Premo "effect".  The scrapbooking card stock packs were 50% off too... I do not scrap book but I do love those purdy prints and I like to make my own greeting cards... have you seen what Hallmark charges for one measly card?  Now that I think of it, I needed that paper!  I only bought two tablets and I already used one sheet as a background for some of the photos on this very post (see below).  I also bought "Reflection's" brand brads (again 50% off) ,  3 rolls of ribbon, maybe I will make a wreath or use them on necklaces,  and 3 rubber stamps in the $1.00 bin.  Oh, and the main reason I went to Michaels, they were having a sale on the scrapbook storage containers and drawers which works for clay too.... I need sturdy drawers to store my clay although assembling those babies was no piece of cake, the directions said "assemble time: 15 minutes"  yeah right!!  Fortunately Heather is very handy for building things.  The sale lasts until the 17th so I may have to go back for more drawers, you can never have to many drawers.... right?

Okay now on to clay stuff.

   I went to my clay room with the intention of working on a butterfly pendant to go with my caterpillar necklace.

I first needed to clean my work area. I put scraps in the scarp bag, gather up the partially used packages of clay and put them away in the proper new drawers, put the tools back where they belong in the new scrap book caddy and started to add these canes to the 100's I have in containers.

I am so bad about making canes, putting them in containers thinking I will make something with them "later" and the poor canes just sit there.... sometimes for years!

So I decided to made another  "new cane from old cane" cane.  Which I did.

And then I went a step further and made beads! (See the new card stock background?)

That was fun ... I decided to do it again.

I got out this rather strange cane.

and made beads and a mirror image pendant.

Now I'm on a roll!  I got out one of my "quilt" canes. I started to make pillow beads. I like the look of pillow beads but I hate making them...made two and decided to switch to teardrops. way more fun plus I had one of those "lightbulb" ideas for a necklace.

That's it for now,  I am off to find matching beads and findings to make the necklace.  And to turn more canes into beads.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oooooo, that first one is so pretty. Don't you love the simplicity of the initial design and the complexity of the end result? So cool.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the sale! I need some of that paper and of course will have to force myself to get only one! lol!! Really like what you've made of the new canes... I think Kali canes are so beautiful and interesting... and addictive to make! :)))

  3. Those lightbulbs are unique! Love the shape and colours!

  4. Thank you Marlene, I am having fun with my "new" cane projects.

    Thanks Mary, you are right, they are addictive!

    Thank you Violet, I'm happy you like them.

  5. I love your repurposed cane work. You are such an inspiration BJ.

  6. What a nice thing to say, thank you Sandy!