Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A chance to win a Julie Picarello pendant

Would you like to win a Julie Picarello pendant?

This is an invitation to attend the "Discussions from the Claypen" chat on Polymer Clay Central.

Date: Thursday Sept 29th

Time:  11:30 AM  Eastern Standard Time

All you have to do is show up and your name will be tossed in the hat!

Every thursday a gaggle of polymer clay artists get together to share our latest polymer clay projects and discuss what is going on in our lives. It has given us the opportunity to get to know each other and become friends. We would love to have you join us!! We also submit photos of our latest work and our wonderful moderator, Jackie, has kept an album of all the past entries.....page after page of beautiful art...  that alone is worth a visit.

Because most of us either have Julie Picarello's book "Patterns in Polymer, Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques" or have attended one of her classes this weeks project is to make a piece using her Imprint Mokume Gane technique.  When Jackie told Julie about the project Julie very generously donated an original pendant  and may even stop by, time permitting.  That's pretty iffy, but being an optimist I am keeping my fingers crossed.

And more good news.... Anyone who submits photos of their Julie P pieces get a 2nd chance to win... how cool is that?

Now if you can't attend chat you still have a chance to win by submitting a photo. If you want to submit  photos of your Julie P pieces leave a comment and I will tell you where to send the photos.... the dead line is wednesday evening.

I spent the weekend working on my entries... now that I have the hang of it I plan to make more today....  this is fun!!

Here is what I made so far.

more from the same mokume gane stack

Now I am off to mix more clay and make another "stack".  

Hope to see you thursday.....


  1. Ohhhhhh BJ! Beautiful work! Beautiful colors! Look at you go, girl. I'm assuming these photos are for me for this week right?

    Nice post - I hope to see lots of your blog readers at chat on Thursday, and lots of new MG photos as well. Thank you for your help with this. :) Hugs! Jackie

  2. Beautiful pieces BJ!! I'm sure you made Julie proud. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work. :) Chris Rutter

  3. Hi all, This work is so beautiful. Wish my Mokume Gane came out like this, or that I could do a class with Julia P.
    Have to buy her book.
    Elizabeth K. XX

  4. You are welcome Jackie, it was a great chat and loads of really great photos of everyones work. We should do it again sometime!

    Thanks Chris, was hoping you would make it to chat...haven't seen much of you lately.

    Thank you too Elizabeth. Definitely get the book, so much info... everything from color mixing to Mokume Gane to lizard tails and more, you will love it!!