Saturday, April 3, 2010

Polymer Clay Combining Cane Tiles in Pink

House Update: The roof is done, next step new gutters. I'm hoping the gutter work won't be as noisy as the roof work was.

With all that pounding overhead I forgot to take photos of the canes I assembled for these tiles, as you can see I combined magenta, pink, and black and white canes. I am pleased with the way they turned out.

Click on the photos for a closer look.
I added colored wire and pearl seed beads in the center of this one.

I used fashion pages from a 1927 Ladies Home Journal for the background. I think the tiles have a roaring twenties look, don't you?
This one is my favorite. I think I will put a tassel of beads in the center.
It's cool and rainy here today, I hope it clears up tomorrow so the Easter bunny can hide his eggs.


  1. They are very pretty, those colours work well together. I used to hate pink but am finding myself liking it more and more these days which is wierd.

    Glad your roof is finished! Enjoy the Easter bunnies visit ;)

  2. Such nice work and so much fun seeing what/how you combine things. I like the photographs and the background you used. Unusual and memorable without getting in the way. I agree do look rather roaring twenties. I like the pearl touch and adding a tassel of beads in the centre could be very pretty and give it another unique touch.

    Congratulations on the roof!!!! Now it can rain. ......oh no, not until you get rain gutters.

  3. I'm glad your roof work is almost finished. Happy Easter!! These tiles are wonderful, I just ooohed and ahhhhed over them - I really like how the muted colors on the first layer (or so it looks) made the brighter pink & white and black & white pop out. Wonderful!!