Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polymer Clay Canes, Buttons and Beads

I am trying to improve my caning skills so I've decided to devote some time each week to caning. This one started out as a simple 5 petal flower cane and then I made it a little more complex with a band of swirls, 1/2 bulls eyes and wedges.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Before reduction:
After reduction. I like it.
Then I went back to playing with buttons. These are sample pieces made with scrap/green "guts" clay

I liked the clean lines of the design on this button, it's simple but attractive. I used PearlEx to highlight the design and then sealed with Kato liquid clay.

The design on the button doesn't show up well in the photo, it looks good on the polymer pieces. One is highlighted with gold PearlEx and the other with silver PearlEx.Another vintage plastic button with an interesting design. I left the button holes as part of the design on this one.
I like the attractive design and the gentle curve on this button. I made a mold with scrap clay which I then used to make the round tile. I didn't like the bumps made by the button holes so I cut them out with a round cutter and added a ball of clay in the center. The raised area of the design is highlighted with PearlEx and sealed with Kato liquid clay. I used my heat gun to clear the liquid clay.
This is a sampling of vintage carved and molded Bakelite buttons. I've always loved these big Bakelite buttons but wished they came in more attractive colors.... and now they will, all I have to do is make molds.


  1. wow you have a great collection of buttons and they look great made in clay.

    I love that red flower cane. I think I might have to try something like that myself.

  2. BJ, I adore the cane!! It's just wonderful.

    I'm totally jealous of the pile of Bakelite buttons, oh wow. They are great.