Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yellow Ducky

Today I'm working on more of the beaded band pieces, it's going a little slow, two of the pieces I didn't like so I took them apart. Just so you'll know it's a real hassle to get clay out of the bands... I was tempted to toss them but I'd invested to much time in the beading to do that... so I muttered a few choice words and kept digging. I was getting frustrated so I sat everything aside and took a break.

While waiting for my muse to sort out what to do with the beaded bands I finished the backing for my wire duck. Turned out pretty good, I like him. Now I can go get some quiche... that always makes me happy.


  1. Try pouring rubbing alcohol on the beaded bands to remove the clay. It works great! You might have to use a soft toothbrush to remove all of it but it will dissolve and go away. Cute ducky here, love the "gems" that glitz him up.

  2. Great idea Jackie, thank you. What would I do without ya?