Friday, October 23, 2009

Blue Cane Beads & Pinwheels

Mystery solved!! One of them at least. I am happy to report I found my pinwheels. "Where might they have been?" you ask. Well, I was looking for a particular polymer clay book which in turn led to rearranging my jewelry & PC books and among the stack I found a couple crochet books. Since I was in a "put things in their proper place mood" I proceeded to put the crochet books in the cabinet with the rest of my needle work books and lo and behold there sat my pinwheels, right there in plain sight, right there on top of the books. I haven't the faintest idea how they got there but I'm pleased as punch that I found them. Maybe there is still hope for my missing knitting needles... ya think?

After doing a happy dance of sorts,( my dancing days are pretty much over, more like a happy shuffle these days), I happily used one of the pinwheel skewers to pierced the beads in the photo. See what a nice clean hole the skewer makes. Now you can understand why I really wanted to find those pinwheels. I'll post more photos when I make the beads into a necklace.

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