Sunday, July 1, 2012

Polymer Clay Border Canes and Beads

It is very HOT here and I don't have much energy... so this will be mostly photos, my mind is mush!

I made a few more border canes and some beads.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I had several Skinner blend canes and bulls eye canes that I used to make the square cane.

I used scraps from the square cane to start these WIP pieces. See the owl in the mirror image tile?

I used scraps from the blue border cane to make a few beads.

Beads and air filled pendants from border cane # 3

This border cane was made from left over extruded canes from previous border canes. I used the scraps for the pendants. 

I also made Flower Beads. I like using these little flowers on beads and pendants.

I made beads with the cane and then added a row of Forget-me-not flowers.

Forget-me-not flower beads.

I added leaves as well as flowers on these beads and tinted the flowers and leaves with PearlEx.  The background is striped in shades of green.

Another work in progress... I have a lot of those! I backed these stamped pieces for a necklace with variegated Skinner blend polymer clay.

That all the PC for today.... I  have flower photos too.

This is my gazebo with the trumpet flowers in full bloom. It usually attracts several hummingbirds but so far I've only seen one.  Then I discovered that bumblebees drive away hummingbirds and there are gobs of bumblebees and honey bees in the back yard.

The bee balm is at the front of the gazebo and is always a favorite of hummingbirds..... and bees.

Close up of one of the bumblebees..... he didn't like having his picture taken and let me know it..... no wonder the hummingbirds don't like these guys, he didn't have any trouble chasing me away!!

That's it for this week..... thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great canes, beads, filigree and flowers! Bee-u-tiful!!!

    1. LOL, Thank you, I'm pleased you like them.

  2. ALL Gorgeous!! Pretty flowers too, and that is one big bee!

    1. Thanks Trina. Yip he is a BIG bee and he brought his gang with him, there are dozens guarding the gazebo... it's no wonder the poor hummingbirds stay away. Guess I will have to be satisfied with bees and butterflies this year.

  3. As always, a veritable feast of eye candy, each more beautiful than the last. My special favorite is the Forget-me-not beads. How clever and appealing.

  4. Bj I have a request for you, I am always reading your blog. And you by far make the best totorials out of any of the blogs out here on polymer canes. I have a request for you to make a totorial on a mccaw cane. I learn things by sight. And your blog has helped me tramendously. So if you could find the time please do one on the mccaw cane. Thanks for your time.

  5. Thanks for your sharing. I bet that bee did chase you away . LOL I can't stand a sting. I act crazy running around when I get stung. Loved all the beads. It is so hot here in Alabama that even with air my heat is making my clay sloppy.Hugs

  6. Wow your gazebo is beautiful, BJ!! So is your clay work - as always. :)