Sunday, May 20, 2012

Polymer Clay & Colored Wire Necklace & Earring Sets

I'm still spending most of my time in the yard but I did finish a couple necklaces.

I showed you the beads on this one in my last post.  I made additional links with glass beads and black wire and finished the necklace with black chain.  Last time I was at Michaels they had lots of these beads and chain on sale for 50% off. I wish now I'd bought more chain..... guess I'll have to wait for the next sale.  Click on the photos for a closer look.

Close up of the necklace.

Close up up the earrings.

I made these beads back in March when I was making my border canes.  I made the wire element last week while  watching my sunday night shows.

Close up of the pendant.

Close up of the earrings.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, Heather isn't here on the weekends and I had take them myself.

More photos of my flowers..... I take better photos outside.  I plant a lot of flowers in pots, it's easier  on my back, I can set the pots up on the steps so I don't have to bend over..... plus the  rabbits don't eat them if they are in pots, the squirrels are another story.  The squirrels don't eat them but they do dig in the pots and toss the flowers out on the ground, makes me crazy!!

Fritz is my house cat, this is the first time he has been outside is 5 years.  He usually sits in the window and looks sad. Now he goes out when I do and is having a great time exploring the yard.  He is a scaredy cat though, the least noise sends him running in the house, I have to keep the back door open so he can dash inside.

More flowers in pots.

Gorgeous yellow pansies!~

This is great granddaughter Lily playing in the gazebo, she calls it her "little house".  Here she is  showing me her runway pose.... notice the fancy foot work.

Little stinker picked on of my hydrangea... said she needed it for her "bride bouquet".  She was a flower girl in aunt Amanda's wedding but was to shy to walk down the isle.

That's it for this week.  I took the photos for the border cane tute,  well most of them anyway... I missed a couple steps.  Now I have to edit the photos and write the instructions.  Good thing I don't have to make a living writing tutorials......

Thanks or stopping by.

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