Sunday, May 13, 2012


I did do a little claying this week but mainly I want to wish all the wonderful Moms, Grandmas and Great Grandmas a very Happy Mother Day's.   I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful day filled with  love,  good eats you didn't have to cook and cool presents.... I love presents, don't you?

I am still spending most of my time in the backyard but I did manage to make a couple necklaces.

The first is a reversible heart necklace.   Click on the photos for a closer look.

This is the front. I added colored wire to jazz it up a bit.... and strung it on a faux suede cord.  I didn't sand or buff the hearts, I like the matte look this time.

I added copper beads on the back.... now if the pendant flips over no one will know it's the wrong side.

This necklace gave me fits.  First I cut a square opening in the circle.  I didn't want to toss the square in the scrap bag so I folded it over and used it to create a bail.  I made matching beads and strung it on a faux suede cord.  I was happy with the way it look from the front.....

not so much from the back..... I used one of my leaf textures to make the backing but I don't like the way the bail looks from the back... to messy. 

I took the pendant off the cord and added a textured heart to the back. I like the back better now. 

Then I wasn't happy with the front. I tried stamping a flower design with silver ink inside the  "window"... not happy with that, it didn't show up well, I tried outlining the silver flower with black ink..... where is Alice when I need her?  that didn't go over well.  I removed the ink with alcohol on a Q-tip.... by then I have a smeary mess in the little window.  I kept dabbing it with the Q-tip,  got most of the ink off and went  to my fall back solution to cover a  mess.... Swarovski flat back rhinestones.  I'm still not crazy about it but it will have to do. 

I tied knots on each side of the bail to keep the pendant is place. The bead holes are finished with eyelets. They fit nice and snug on the suede cord and stay in place or can be moved around if desired. 
I like using the cut out square for the bail and will do it again. I like the look of the open cut out in the first photo best so next time I will find a better way to finish the back. 

I made beads to keep my hand busy while I watch television.  They need to be sanded and strung. 

Tonight is my tv night..... 3 hour Survivor finale ( I usually watch Amazing Race, Good Wife and the new show NYC 22) then the The Killing, Mad Men and my all time favorite show... that I save for last, King of Thrones.   

I resisted watching King of Thrones all last year, was put off by the incest in the first episode and the tossing out the window of the little boy.... Heather assured me the little boy wasn't killed and urged me  to give it another try, when I finally did I couldn't get enough of it, now I'm hooked.  

Okay now here are more photos of my yard.... I bet you thought I forgot... or you were hoping I forgot. Not a chance, I love my flowers. 

Gazebo from the front, 

and from the back, it could use a trim, it grows so fast!

There are hanging baskets all around the gazebo. 

The squirrels love this one filled with petunias, they keep digging in it and I keep filling in the holes. 

This is my favorite. 

Same flowers only in orange.  

This one is pretty too.  

Some of the flowers planted around the gazebo are starting to bloom too. 

That's it for this week... I'll show you more flowers next time. The lilies are starting to bloom as are the  hydrangeas, the roses, the bee balm and more.  I haven't spotted any hummingbirds yet but surely they will come. I have spotted several honey bees, which made my very happy. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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