Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pendants... lots of Pendants

I have several boxes filled with pendants that I want to list in our Etsy shop. I was going to list them without chains but I found a shop on Etsy that sells inexpensive chains, chokers and organza ribbons that go well with the pendants.  The new owners can use them as is or discard the cords and add their own chains.

I spend Sunday evening putting the pendants on the chains and cords.

I ended up with a box full..... over 50 necklaces so far...

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Here are the ones on the Organza cords. They have cheapy looking lobster claw clasps and extender chains but the cords look nice.  I considered changing the clasps but then thought better of it... the new owners can change them if they want.

These are strung on colorful memory wire chokers with screw type closures. I wish the closures were more attractive but they seem to function okay and the price was right.

.............and the remaining pendants are strung on colored ball chains.

I still have more to go....

but first I have to get another bird out of the house..... right now it is isolated in my clay room.  I am waiting for Heather to come help open the window.... it's a BIG window and I can't open it by myself.  Fortunately I discovered the bird before the cats this time and was able to exile the blood thirsty felines to the upper regions of the house. Needless to say they are not happy!!  I cannot for the life of me figure out how the sneaky little birds keep getting in... tis a mystery!!

Wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. wow that is a lot of lovely pendants! I love wearing those wire chokers. I have been tested the ones I have for curing - I have succesfully covered the clasp with clay on one but haven't bothered again, the beauty of them is the speed!

  2. Thank you, Cara, I thought about covering the clasps too.... but then they would sit in the box for another year, best to leave them as they are.

  3. Wow! Really impressive assortment! And the way I see it, unless the woman has really short hair or is wearing it in an up-do, noone is ever going to see the clasp. Unique & pretty is great but function is really the most important thing I think with them.

  4. Can I have them? :D Oh. Sorry. ;) They look great! I like the folded one the very best.