Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mixed Media Odds and Ends

Hi friends, I'm back! At least I think I am. I've had some kind of summer flu for the last couple weeks and my muse was on sick leave.....  I feel better now and  spend the whole day in my clay room.  I cleaned off my work area, lots of half finished things lying around covered with dust and cat hairs so I tossed them in the trash.  It felt good to have a clean area to clay in so I got to work. 

I made the wire portion of this pendant some time ago. I made a kinda peacock cane to back it with but didn't like the way it looked so  I got out a striped cane and used it to back the pendant and then made beads to match.  I like it with the stripes. Now all I have to do is figure out a bail for the pendant.

Then I made a mixed media "Heart Strings" pendant with assorted beads, colored wire and metallic clay. 

The last photo is of  the "peacock" pattern that I originally made to back the first pendant.  Instead I used it to  make a pendant and matching beads.  I used some of the new Premo colors mixed with old Kato pearl.  I like working with metallic clay, it's fun to sand... I like shiny shimmery beads.

I am disappointed that the new Kato and and the new Premo are soft and sticky, it's hard to work with gooey clay... and I just bought gobs of both.  I will have to leach and leach and leach.  In the mean time I am going to get out my Pardo Art Clay. 


  1. I just love the striped beads - a different but cool look! I've been talking to Tony about the new clay... he said to keep an eye on the Kato Facebook page because he's trying to work on another angle to the mushy new Kato that doesn't involve leaching. I have no idea what it is, but hey, I sure hope it works. :)

  2. Thanks Jackie. New angle huh? that sounds interesting. I will check out the Kato Facebook page.

  3. Love that heart pendant... came out just perfect!! Can't wait to see the others finished...especially the peacock one... looks like it has wonderful potential!