Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Shall Return!!

I haven't run away from home ( although the thought did cross my mind!) I haven't been kidnapped (I should be so lucky!!) and I haven't forgotten about my blog (I miss my blog, really I do!!).

 I am up to my eyeballs in tax forms...... nasty yucky tax forms!

I would much rather be playing with clay and blogging.... I shall return... if I survive.... wish me lucky!!

Heather has been doing really cool things with vintage buttons..... take a look. To see more of her  beautiful creations check our Etsy  shop. Knightwork Studio


  1. Wishing you luck BJ! :) Heather's jewelry is awesome! I especially love the first one, and the earrings with the skeleton keys!

  2. I love Heather's jewelry. She is so creative! The skeleton keys remind me of the key to my house when I was a kid. (wow, does that tell my age or what) LOL

  3. Gorgeous, all of them! I love vintage buttons and love to see what others create with them. I really like the variety of your photo props as well - great pictures!

  4. BJ I've been MISSING you!! I'm glad to know you're okay, I forgot about the tax thing for you, duh.

    Oh Heather! You sure have a wonderful touch with the Vintage Buttons! Awesome awesome. Honestly, buttons aren't usually my thing but you make them look fantastic.