Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mixed Media Silk Ribbon & Polymer Clay

I bought these lovely luscious Silk Sari Ribbons from a shop Designtalentedone , on Etsy.  They are a perfect setting for some of my pendants.  The shop owner is a delight to work with,  the service was prompt and friendly and the shipping costs very reasonable. She has so many gorgeous colors I had a hard time picking.... as you can see!!

Heather was over the other day and I was whining about how I never get around to finishing necklaces... oh woe is me... sniff, sniff...  that kind of thing.... ( I've been taking whining lessons from my friend Moe)  so Heather took pity on me and strung a couple of the pendants on the silk ribbon.   She did a really good job... take a look.

The first one is a mixed media polymer clay pendant decorated with wire and beads.  Heather added coiled wire and beads for a touch of pazazz.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

The other one is in the same color palette with a pendant of  metallic clay and gold leaf.

Heather has also taken over the photography and the listing duties for our Etsy shop... how great is that?  Check out our Etsy shop, Knightwork Studio " for our new listing.  


  1. Wow, That ribbon makes the color in your beautiful pendants just pop!! The photography is awesome!

  2. They look fab! And you are coming along nicely with your sniveling. WTG, Beej! :D

  3. Gorgeous BJ!! I especially love the first one, it's so unique and I love the colors! The silk ribbons compliment both of them beautifully.

    These photographs are great, I just visited your Etsy shop and it looks amazing! :) Wonderful work BJ, and kudos to Heather for the great photography!! :)


  4. Thank you Sandy, Heather is much better at photography than I am,, she has more patience.

    Thanks Moe, the whining lessons paid off.

    Thanks Ginger, WOW says it all LOL

    Thank you Trina, I will give Heather your message.

  5. Gulp. Beej! Your stuff is stunning by itself, but man! Love that ribbon. The top picture is porn for fiber junkies. :-)