Monday, March 11, 2013

Premo Translucent Polymer Clay Jewelry

If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend you read the article on Comparing Brands of Translucent Polymer Clay  by Ginger Davis Allman.  It's an excellent article full of useful information and my inspiration for the jewelry I want to show you today.

My favorite translucent clay is... or maybe I should say "was" Pardo Art Clay.  However Pardo is hard to find, I know Poly Clay Play is one of the few places that carry it but every time I check it is "out of stock" so I was very pleased to see Ginger's results regarding Premo White Translucent.  And the price is right, especially when Michaels has a clay sale.

I tinted the Premo with a couple different green Adirondack Alcohol Inks, added layers of "Dawn Leaf" foil  and made this jewelry.  I rolled out a thin sheet of the clay, #7 on my pasta machine.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

To make this one I cut thin strips of the clay and layered them on a light bulb to get the rounded effect. I then added beads and wire to make the pendant.

Here is how it hangs on the display.

For this pendant and earrings I cut round disks in two sizes and put them on light bulbs to form domes. I folded the sides in and stitched them together with wire.

I also cut a strip and curled it on the top of a light bulb to make the top of this pendant.  

I used wire and beads to make the "filling"....  I took a close-up to show the transparency of the clay.  It is quite sturdy, it held up well to all the folding and the holes I made for the wire didn't tear when I secured the wire.

Here is the front of the earrings.... they look a bit like insects or space creatures. I had to pull the wire really hard to tighten up the beads on the disks and had no problem with the clay tearing splitting.

Here is the back of the earrings.

I have more tinted Premo ready and waiting for my next project.  First I have to go air out the kitchen... I managed to burn hardboiled eggs.  I keep telling myself I cannot leave the kitchen when there is anything cooking but then I set the timer... and leave the room, confident I will hear the timer.  Nope, not this time, didn't hear it.... but I did hear the eggs exploding.   And that was the last of my eggs.... guess I will have cereal for breakfast.

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  1. What beautiful color you were able to achieve with the alcohol inks and foil. Your jewelry is lovely!

    1. Thank you Sandy. I have a bunch of new colors of alcohol ink.... plus I can mix them for even more new colors... good thing I have lots of Premo translucent clay.

  2. Hey SHOWOFF, those are awesome. What did you bake them at and how long? Did you cover them? I usually do my translucent at 230 and cover it.
    How many eggs did you burn? Boy I hate that smell. LOL

    1. Okay, if you must know, I baked them at 275 for 40 minutes. I know lots of folks cover when curing but I never have and I don't preheat my oven.... unless I am immediately adding a new batch right after I take one out.. I do plunge anything that contains translucent in ice water. I've only burnt beads once, for some reason the temp was set at 325... to hot and they smelled really bad. I keep them around as a reminder not to do it again.

      I burnt 4 eggs... I was planning to have two for breakfast and make tuna salad with the other two... I had the stove fan on, the ceiling fan on and was fanning the back door like crazy trying to get rid of the smell. Kinda killed my taste for hardboiled eggs!!

  3. Ohhhh BJ - these are BEAUTIFUL!! Whimsical, fun, and top of the line professional looking at the same time. Just gorgeous. I love all of these that you made, a lot. :) Hugs!

    1. Thans Jacks, I have more in the works but other things keep getting in the way. Plus I had an idea for a cane that wouldn't wait so I had to put a hold on the translucent stiff. I really like the cane, now if I just keep from over reducing.... If all goes well I will blog about it tomorrow.