Saturday, December 10, 2011

Polymer Clay Art Nouveau Canes & Hearts

I have always been a fan of Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs so I decided to try my hand at Art Nouveau canes

I haven't worked with Kato clay for awhile... I had forgotten how time consuming it is to condition, especially the older formula... lots of hammering and swearing was involved.  I tucked one hunk of particularly hard blue clay inside my bra to warm it up while I conditioned the other colors.  I then spent 20 minutes trying to find where I put the blue clay.....

Here are the canes.  Click on the photos for a closer look.

                                                  Not crazy about this one... it's okay

This is one of my favorites. 

This one is pretty cool too. 

I like this one. 

Another set of Art Nouveau Cane

                                                          Least favorite of this set

I love this one!

Another favorite

This one will make fun beads. 

If you are wondering where the blue is, I mixed it with green and black to get the dark green... of course I didn't record the formula, I always forget to write things down.... I just mix colors together until I come up with a color I like.

I used the cane ends and scrap pieces to make hearts. These haven't been sanded or buffed yet.... my dremel died. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new one.

I'm making more canes but I have to spend the next few days "wrapping" my gift for this years gift wrap challenge.  I want to get it out of the way so I can stop fretting about it. I'm thinking this challenge is going to a good one... several folks claim to have the winning gift.

Thats it for now.

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  1. Love your canes. To condition Kato you have to put it in a plastic bag and run over it with a car or bang on it with a mallet on the garage floor.

  2. These are fabulous. You're a master caner.

  3. Thank you Bonnie. You must have taken Kato conditioning lessons from Jackie... she ran over Kato with her car too!

    Good to see you Alice, I appreciate the nice compliment, thank you.

  4. I am in love with these, BJ!! Beautiful work, and the hearts as well. Sure hope Santa is listening to your needs.... :)

  5. These are gorgeous. I love the pearlised look.

  6. Thanks Jackie. I'm pretty sure Santa got the message..especially as I do the Santa shopping around here. lol

    Thank you Flo, I like the pearly look too, I'm tempted to use Kato pearl in everything I do.

  7. The canes are wonderful! And I love the hearts, Beej! xoxoxo