Saturday, October 29, 2011

A bit of Dichroic Glass in Polymer Clay

I paid good money for fancy cat beds and my goofy cats much prefer a ratty old box.  I unpacked my order from Fire Mountain Gems, set the box on the floor and Fritz hopped in.

He looks scared cause he sees Corny headed his way. Sure enough she kicks him out, curls up and falls asleep.

Corny is a little things but soooo bossy.  I'm always amazed how she gets away with pushing him around, he's a lot bigger but he backs down every time.

Heather gave me several small dichroic glass cabs, I used one in this necklace.  It matched this pendant perfectly. I used matching beads and colored wire for the chain.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

A different view.

A close up of the pendant.

I also made more Julie Picarello beads, not sure how I will use them but I like the color combo.

Time for a nap..... thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow that IS a wonderful color combo in the JP MG beads! The nice thing about it is that coffee-with-cream color that ties the others together yet holds its own at the same time. Great beads! And your pc/dichroic glass necklace is cute! Great small beads on that one, too. HUGS!

  2. Thanks Jackie, I like that color combo too.

  3. Beej1 Those cats look so real! HOW did you make them? :::runs off howling::::: :D LOVE your JP southwest beads. Those are really cool. xoxo