Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wire Birds of a Feather and other critters

I am having cataract surgery on my left eye on June 30 and the right eye on July 14. According to the surgeon I am "legally blind"..... I must be very suggestible because every since he said that I haven't been able to see worth a damn. Needless to say I am looking forward to the surgery.

My polymer clay muse is also "legally blind" or gone on vacation, so I have been playing with wire.

Click on the photos for a closer look.

I like the shape of this one.

This one is a little chubby

I like this Cardinal, this shape works for a Blue Jay too. I'm working on the Jay now.

I made another cat, she's a little fancier than the others I've made, see the beads in her bangs? and she like sitting on the fence.

Last but not least is my begging dog, isn't he cute?

I hope to back them with clay tomorrow.

Heather is at the annual YaYa retreat in " hotter n hell" Texas. She'll be back on the 28th. She took some of our jewelry with her so I put our Etsy shop on "vacation mode". That's why there is a big white space where the link our Esty shop should be....


  1. That cat is magnificent. Can't wait to see it with clay.

    Hope your surgery goes well and painless.
    Your wire animals are incredible.

  2. All wonderful! I especially love the little dog, cardinal and the first bird! Oh my... Heather's in Texas... It sure is HOT! My daughter is coming here to Michigan for a visit and can't wait to get out of the Texas heat for a while! :)

    Hope your surgery goes well!

  3. As always, Legally blind or not, your creations are awesome. So happy you are getting your surgery soon. I hope Heather is having a wonderful time in our hot Texas.
    XXX ~ Sandy

  4. Hope your surgery goes very well and you heal up very quickly!! Your pieces are Fantastic!!! LOVE them!!

  5. Those are great! Love the kitty and the cardinal!

  6. The cat is gorgeous but I find the dog especially endearing :) I just want to pat him on the head! Lovely wirework.

  7. Tthank you all so much, I very much appreciate your taking the time leave comments.