Friday, May 27, 2011

Mixed Media Polymer Clay & Wire Critters

 I know, I know, I have badly neglected my blog but a lot has been going on.  What with scary storms, yard work and vision problems I haven't been doing much with clay.

My vision has been bad for a couple months so I finally gave in and went for new glasses..... or so I thought.   Without glasses the only letter I could read on the eye chart was the large "E" at the top and even that was a little blurry. The Doc says glasses won't do the trick this time.... I have cataracts and must have them removed.  I have an appointment with the surgeon on June 3rd and I hope to have the surgery soon after that... of course they can only do one eye at a time so I'm not sure how long all of this is going to take but everyone assures me it will be worth it..... "like having new eyes" .   We shall see.... at least I hope we will!!

A friend asked me to make a purple kitty, she wants it for a birthday gift for a friend. I have until the end of June to get it made but as I will be preoccupied with with my vision quest I thought it best to make the kitty now... I made two, so she can have a choice... which do you like best?  

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Purple Kitty #1

Purple Kitty #2

I also made a couple Wire Doodle Critters. I will back them with polymer clay once I decide what colors and designs I want to use.  

The first is a Squirrel 

I have a thing for owls... so this one is my favorite.

I hope to do better with my blog... I really like blogging but real life things keeps getting in the way.

Oh... I used Pardo Art Clay for the Kitties..... it is fast becoming my favorite clay, just wish it came in metallics too.  I am going to try mixing it with some of the soft Kato Pearl and see what happens.


  1. I love them all BJ!!! Both kitty's are wonderful, but I vote for Purple Kitty #1!! And that Owl... Sooo cute!

    Sorry to hear about your vision problems. The surgeries will be worth it BJ, you'll be so happy when you can see real good again!

    I think you have a great idea there to mix the Pardo with some soft Kato Pearl...

  2. P.S. I voted for Kitty #1 because I love it's pose and tail! :)

  3. I agree with Trina, I love Kitty #1...and my friend is going to LOVE it!!! Thanks so much, BJ!!

  4. Thank you Trina. I had fun making them.

    So glad you like it Jodie!! You are very welcome.

  5. I love kitty #1 because of the pose, but the neat thing about kitty #2 is that he looks like he's wearing glasses and it's cute. So I'd have a hard time choosing for sure. :)

    Girl, you're in my prayers for the cataract surgeries.... I'm sure that's a stress you'd rather have done without. But don't worry, you'll get through just fine, I know it. Hugs.

  6. I like both of the cats..maybe number 2 a little better but both of them are neato.

    I hear that the eye surgery they do now is a breeze! Glad to see you went and had your eyes looked at.

  7. The top kitty. And I wants the owl! :) Your cataract surgery will be dandy, Beej. I know several people who have had it and all had not one single problem. Today's lasers are "easy" and successful! You'll be like new in no time! And we'll be ever so happy to have our Beej back! xoxoxoxo

  8. Thanks Jackie, kitty #1 seems to be the most popular.... I kinda like #2 the best, she does look like she's wearing glasses.

    Hi Miss Sarah. Yip, everyone tells me the surgery is easy peasy. I just want to get it over with so I can see well again.

    Hey Moe! Looks like Kitty #1 is the winner. I will put the owl in the Moe Box...... I made another one last night, it's pretty cool too.

  9. Kitty #1 is my choice too, although I love them both and that owl is just adorable!
    I hope all goes well with your surgery and that the healing process is quick as a wink!

  10. Thank you Sandy. I am sure the surgery will be a breeze..... and I will be able to see well once again.