Monday, March 7, 2011

Polymer Clay Fairy Door and New Tin Can Art

My muse went on vacation after the February Thing A Day. I've made a few beads but nothing to write home about. I do want to show you my Fairy Door.

I am a fairly new member of the PCETeam on Etsy. This months "Stretch yourself" challenge is to create a Fairy Door. That sounded like fun so I gave it a whirl.  I made canes for the little flowers and leaves and the vine was easy enough but the little vases and bird not so easy, my "all thumbs" fingers did not want to cooperate..... and drawing that spider web  on the glass made me crazy!! I'm still not happy with it but after 20 tries I gave up..... it looks pretty good in person. So without further ado, here is my Fairy Door.

Now, what I really want to tell you about is Heather's newest creations.

We have added a new line in our Etsy shop.  Tin Can Alley Art.  Heather makes these wonderful pieces from old tins, the kind that have pretty patterns and once held candy, cookies or fruit cakes.  A lot of them have dents, scratches or rust and she has "up-cycled" or "repurposed" them into interesting works of art. She also embellishes with vintage hardware, buttons, sewing items, keys... all kinds of odds and ends.  See for yourself....

The first is a cute Owl Wall Hanging

"Circus Act" wall art piece, created inside an old wooden box.

This one is my favorite. Cat and Mouse Wall Art .... on  the bottom of an old cheese box.


Raven on the lid of a wooden cigar box. 

She is working on a Cow jumping over the moon that I really like too. Heather has been giving new life to old an damaged items for over 20 years.... long before recycling became such a craze.

I still want to tell you about the new Premo colors.... I haven't forgotten.  Dealing with insurance adjustors and contractors keeps getting in the way.


  1. Love, love, love the fairy door, wonderful!

  2. I LOVE your fairy door BJ! It's so creative, so much detail, just awesome! :) I'm so glad you participated in this month's 'stretch yourself' challenge. Your piece is inspiring!!

    Heather's creations are wonderful! I especially love the cat and the elephant. How cool is that, to create such lovely pieces of art from recycled tins. Love it!


  3. The fairy door is adorable and CL's tins are marvelous! I can't decide which I like better, the elephant or the kitty. She's a marvel, just like her mommy. :D

  4. Thank you Lynn

    Thank you Trina, both heather and I appreciate the kind words.

    Hehe, thanks Moe.

  5. Your fairy door is great and I love the story about the cats with the bird. Is there something about recliners that sucks their brains out when they get in them?

  6. Thank you Bonnie, I'm pleased you like the fairy door.

    You may be right about recliners..... they do have a strange effect on men. lol

  7. I already told you how much I like the fairy door (a lot!) but tell Heather her tin can art has me wanting to make tin can elephants instead of kaleidoscope canes!!! Not good!

  8. Thanks Jackie, I will give Heather the message. Beej