Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thing A Week Scrap Pendants

Boy did I fall down on my  "Thing A Day" posts, sorry I couldn't keep up. There was just to much going on..... I did manage to make something for all 29 days and post them on Flickr and Polymer Clay Central.  If you would like to see here is a link to my Flickr Photostream. Now why didn't I thin of that sooner!!

We had so much fun with "Thing a Day" we decided to continue with "Thing A Week". We post photos of our creations each Thursday. For an explanation and the rules see Eva's post on Polymer Clay Central.

Here is the pendants I made for the first "Thing a Week"

I was conditioning scrap clay to use for bead guts. After about 10 passes
through the pasta machine this pretty marbled design appeared and I decided
to texture the sheet with my tracing wheel. More scraps were used to make
mirror images. Got out my little heart and oval cutters and made beads to add
to the texture pieces. Then I dug through my molds and used one of the faces
to make the pendant in the center. I tinted the face with chalk.

I also made a layered pendant with a leaf cane and a textured background.
I used a Virginia James  texture sheet for the background and then
 highlighted with gold PearlX.
 I used a button mold for the top of the
center pendant. I 'm not thrilled with the wire hair on the face, may have
to change that.

I used a button mold for the top of this one, tinted with chalk.

Closer look at the layered pendant.

Closer look at the mirror image pendants.

That's it for today.  I think I can handle posting once a week..... if anything exciting happens I'll post more.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Catch up Time for TAD Playing with Polymer Clay

Obviously I can't manage posting every day, I run out of steam when the sun goes down.... so here are my catch up photos for TAD

Day 13
Mixed Media Heart
I  added  Wire and Beads
Back with wire & beads

Day 14
Valentine Heart Beads

Small heart beads with birdhouses,
The beads are about the size of a dime.

Day 15
Scrap Beads & Mixed Media Pendant

Close up of Pendant

Day 16
Mixed Media Pendants using previously posted beads.

Now I am once again caught up.
Thanks for stopping by.  

Friday, February 12, 2016

Day 11 & Day 12 TAD Catch up Time

The faster I go the behinder I get!!   Now if I can just remember what I made for Day 11.....

oh yeah here it is.... more hearts!!

I started out with red clay and ended up with these, don't ask
me how. The mirror image heart on the right is from a handful
of scraps.

Close up of the top heart. I see a little crack I need to fix.

I used the end of s skinner blend cane for the stylized flower on this one.

Scrap heart

And Below is my Day 12 entry
This is a Work In Progress. I plan to add wire and beads,, we shall see!!

Good!! Now I am all caught up.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 10 TAD Little House Beads

Did it again, forgot to do my TAD blog.  I started to do it and got distracted by my cats. They like to go outside but it has been cold the last few days and they don't like cold.  They either go out and then want  right back in or when I open the door they start to go out, feel the cold and  back up giving me dirty looks the whole time. I'm pretty sure Corny believes I am responsible for the weather, she really gives me a hard time when it snows. We have 7 doors to the outside, Corny wants to check every single one of them.... looking for the magical warm weather door.

So, I made a couple more little house beads for Day 10

These are a little bigger than the cottage beads.

The other side. I used a square cane cut in half
diagonally  plus one of my border canes for the roof

I may add a little bird bead and make earrings.

Be back later with Day 11 .... or maybe tomorrow, who knows?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 9 TAD Church Beads

I am in desperate need of food but I am going to take care of this before I go upstairs.... we all know what happened last time!!   My stomach is growling so I better work fast!

Okay, I made a couple Church beads to go in my village plus an apartment building. I like the first one the best. I used a black permanent ink pen to outline the door on the 2nd one and now I don't like it. I will have to fix it with thin strips of black clay.  

I used PearlEx powder on the Churches and chalk on the apt.

Back of  the buildings

I've had the stained glass cane for several years, made from
Pardo Art Clay, its pretty hard. I had a heck of a time
making a hole for the head pin. I like to feed the pin
all the way though the bead so it won't pull out.

This roof was made from a Kato clay cane, much
easier to work with.

Now I can go eat! No wonder I'm hungry, it's supper time!
Time flies when you're having fun!!

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Day 8 TAD Polymer Clay Cottage Beads

Oops I forgot to post Day 8. I am so easily distracted!!  I was all set to post on my blog. Got a text from my daughter, went upstairs to check on something, while up there decided I better make dinner and just never made it back down to the studio to do the blog thing. Sorry about that, I will do it now, don't tell on me..... I will post Day 9 later this afternoon.

Okay, yesterday I was looking though my canes and decided I would organize them by color, shape and size. I get this bee in my bonnet every so often, I have yet to finish the task.... and I didn't this time either. I spotted some triangle canes and though "ooo those would make cool roofs for cottage beads" and they did.  See...

Tinted with colored chalk.

The other side. I gave them a rustic look.

Looks pretty good with my tree!

Now I need to make more trees!

The start of a village, reminds me of Eureka Springs!

Now I need to work on my Day 9 entry. See you later.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 7 TAD Polymer Clay Tree Pendant

For Day 7 I made a Tree Pendant, it's a work in progress, I still need to make a backing and bail and do a little sanding. I painted the tree and background with chalk, used chalk on the leaves and PearlEx powder on the berries.

I am getting ready for Spring!

I made 4 more bird beads too, a Robin, a Yellow bird & 2 more
Cardinals. I used black eye shadow on the Cardinals, it worked
a little better than chalk.
I finished early today so I'd have time to go to the store, I'm out of important stuff like milk, bread, beans..... and cookies. I'll need those cookies later tonight when I'm watching Downton Abbey!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend... see you tomorrow,!!